Canadian Makers

North Point™ prides itself in unique heritage based designs presented in a new connected retail environment. The individuals who contributed to the making of North Point™ are your Canadian Makers.

Amit Khera

I describe my style as elegant on the weekdays and rugged on the weekends. I’m a world traveller inspired by everything from the early 60’s to late 90's; from art to fashion to music to historic events that shaped the design and trends of today. My next big thing is whatever I can creatively disrupt with my team to drive positive change. For me, North Point™ is a playground for creatives that foster passion and perseverance with the goal of creating the best brand in market. 

My favourite thing about Canada is that it's home.

Vanessa Valela

I describe my style as effortless chic. Slip on sandals are a staple in the summer and a cozy blanket scarf is key for the winter. I’m inspired by Fashion and Interior Design. You can find me on Pinterest browsing prints, patterns, textures and more to help bring together my vision for everything that I do. I’m constantly dabbling in new experiences to help push me to grow. North Point™ Shop is curated with the brands that obsess about their craftsmanship and design as much as we do. 

My favourite thing about Canada is four season living. Hiking, biking, skiing – anything to get me outdoors.

Matt Lewandowski

To describe my style would definitely be a California surfer, aka, super chill. I’m inspired by amazing action styled photography. I like to live my life in the moment, and if that’s too cliché for you, I just ride that wave. If you were to ask me my thoughts on the North Point, I would simply say that it has the potential to be great. 

What I love about Canada? My cottage, the beautiful scenery that this country has to offer and the Northern Lights, truly breathtaking.

Oscar Avila

I describe my style as free, urban and am inspired by both Nacho Libre and El Chapo. I’m currently working on my plan to retire in 10 years. North Point Shop is a true example that dreams CAN come true - read between the lines. 

My favourite thing about Canada is the people, opportunities, life, energy. Everything.

Peter Robertson

I describe my style as "ready-to-wear-outside" and am inspired by the awesomeness of nature. My next big thing is winter training for summer rowing. North Point™ Shop is about gearing up in style for life in Canada. 


My favourite thing about Canada is all the different people who call Canada home.

Sang Nguyen

I describe my style as anything goes – dressy to urban (sometimes even jeans on jeans) and am down with colourful and cheeky socks any day of the week. I’m inspired by many things and all things – especially graphic, fashion and industrial design. I get inspired by random things I see – especially when I travel and with people I’ve met. 

My favourite thing about Canada is definitely nature. I love biking, hiking and skiing. Any chance I get – I'm outside and ready to explore.

Laura Tuttle

I’m from a small town in rural Nova Scotia called Elmsdale. I moved to Toronto from the East Coast of Canada with nothing but a dream to make it as a designer in the big city. A small town girl, making it in the big city, that’s the dream! I would describe my style as ‘classically zazzy,’ especially because I am inspired by the mix of textures and colours in interior design and fashion. To me, the North Point™ Shop is a place where we get to channel our creativity, and buy apparel and merchandise designed by Canadians. 

The best thing about Canada is the kindness you find in people here. It’s so diverse, yet everyone is so open and welcoming.

Deeana Rangasamy

I have a fine arts and fashion background which influences my work as a graphic designer. I love colours, simplicity and elegance. I am inspired by the blend of cultures and styles that exists both in Mauritius and Canada. It gives birth to new creative approaches to art and design. North Point™ Shop is such a great opportunity for me to express my creativity and use my experience in Fashion to bring my ideas to life. It is very satisfying to be able to work and contribute to a Canadian brand. 

My favourite thing about Canada is the landscape. I love how you can enjoy the excitement of the city, to the peace and quiet of camping up north or simply appreciating the breathtaking beauty of Niagara Falls whenever I feel like it.

Luc “Bim” LaFontaine

I describe my style as a humble minimalist and just so happen to be inspired by refined simplicity. My next big thing is me going on a two week holiday. North Point™ Shop is a place I should visit very soon since I'm in Québec. 

My favourite thing about Canada is the attractive multi ethnic population where all can live together in peace.

Suzy Brenner

I love seeing creativity through fashion, bringing patterns and colours together to make a statement, especially when we have all the great Canadian seasons to work with. When I’m not obsessing about fashion, I am having a love affair with my calligraphy pen, and when you combine the two together the ideas that can be created are endless... and can always be found at North Point™ where fashion and comfort meet. 

My favourite thing about Canada are the diverse foods, culture and seasonal fashion. 

Nicole Antinucci

As simple as can be, my style is whatever makes me happy. Some days I like to wear all black, some days I want to wear red lipstick. Ultimately, I am inspired by creatives that make the world a better place. My next big thing is to master learning Polish and designing an app that makes volunteering more efficient. North Point™ Shop is exciting because it’s new and has the potential to be a manifest of whatever we decide it to be! 

My favourite thing about Canada is that it’s safe, kind, caring, diverse, inspiring, and a country that I will never stop exploring.

Taimour Basharat

Born and raised in Bologna, Italy with south asian roots, I entered the world of art and design in 2009. I am inspired by contemporary artists and driven by the desire to learn and create new things in the world. I describe my style as unique thanks to my diverse roots which greatly influence my design. My goal is to make a difference by bringing fresh ideas to the table. I am really happy to be part of the North Point™ because it reflects the Canadian culture that I love and am proud of. 

My favourite thing about Canada is the diverse culture and the freedom to live your life.

Mark Harmon

I am a born and raised Torontonian with an allurement towards everything creative. Symmetry, geometry, movement, and sound are what inspire me. I strive for design where everything serves its purpose in its simplest form. Equal to my love for visual arts is my love for music. In my spare time, I like to experiment with music production and work with companies that host music events in Toronto. I am currently learning web coding and motion graphics. 

The best part about Canada is the people that make it the humble pioneers, whose actions speak louder than their words. 

Luka Liu

I describe my style as simple, clean and am inspired by the human creativity that drives us forward. My next big thing and what I’m currently working on is being a first time mom. North Point Shop is a hub for innovation where different designers can openly collaborate. 

My favourite thing about Canada is the diversity; especially the food from every country. 

Kwame Owusu-Adansi

I describe my style as modern, tailored, straight forward yet constantly evolving. I’m inspired by the subtle nuances of different cultures I encounter everyday. I’m currently working on a contemporary fashion brand named TRADISHIN with my business partner Elikem Kumaza which merges African culture and Western influences. North Point Shop to me is a platform for Canadian brands to showcase what they have to contribute to the beautiful mosaic of Canada. 

My favourite thing about Canada is the multiculturalism. 

Heidi Ash

I describe my style as retro, with a modern twist. I combine vintage items with classics and self-made pieces to create my own unique look. I love textiles and am inspired by colour and pattern. Getting dressed is an everyday opportunity to create and have fun, so choose pieces that reflect you: a favourite colour, a style you feel great in, a little something that sets you apart. As a lifelong retail nerd, it’s interesting to see North Point use new technology to showcase emerging Canadian talent and I’m excited to be included. The Silver Vixen brand is about embracing personal style and finding fun in the everyday.

My favourite thing about Canada is that there is room for everyone. 

Juhi Khatri

My style is whatever inspires me to spur positive change through ingenious design. I see design as something that expands far beyond the visuals; It’s a way to connect, explore, discover, and create memories. I’m all about disruption – which, to me, is when something that was previously thought to be impossible becomes possible. I’m goofy, I’m serious, I’m whatever the situation requires me to be.

My next big thing is getting a private pilot license so that I can explore this beautiful country in a unique way.

My favourite thing about Canada is the free healthcare. Just kidding! But seriously, it’s underrated.